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by the fallen officer son and niece. >> word of the arrests in libya in tuesday's deadly assault on the u.s. consulate. u.s. ambassador chris stevens, a bay area native, was among four americans killed in the attacks. another victim was a 42 year- old from san diego. the news comes as a anti- american fury over an anti islamic film continues to spread across borders. protesters stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen and there were violent riots in libya and egypt. a protest in cairo is happening right now. so far no reports of any violence from this demonstration but danielle nottingham explains the worst may be yet to come. >> protests over an anti muslim film on you to continue through the night in cairo. during the day riot police used tear gas to keep angry demonstrators away from the u.s. embassy. in yemen police used water cannons to hold off protesters who earlier climbed over the embassy's iron gate. fresh eye and anti-american demonstrations also broke out in iraq. >> there is no justification, not at all, for responding to this video with violence. >> secretary of state hillary clinton
who attacked our people. >> u.s. officials confirm that christopher stephens was killed while trying to save his own staff members. those who knew him say that was the type of person he was, selfless. >> ambassador stevens attended piedmont high school and his brother says that it was here in high school when he first got a taste in foreign affairs. he was sent to spain with some other students. >> my name is chris stevens and i'm the new ambassador to libya >> chris stevens was a charismatic white leader, one of the first american diplomats sent to libya in 2007 and helped free the people from moammar gadhafi >> he was exactly the kind of american ambassador that any of us would want in that post because he understood libyans and libyans like him >> in his video he made it clear that he liked them >> i was thrilled to watch the libyan people stand up and demand their rights >> he was called a natural diplomat, someone who did not stay in his office but would go out into the community. in may he was named u.s. ambassador to libya. last night he and three others were killed in
the pentagon is sending extra forces to shore up security as u.s. and danielle nottingham is at the state department where officials are keeping a tense watch. marines carried the casket of the four americans killed in libya of a c-17 pyrrophyte >> for americans, for patriots, the love this country. >> secretary of state hillary clinton and hundreds of staff members, the four men were killed when the u.s. consulate in libya came under attack on tuesday >> today we bring home for americans who gave their lives for our country and our values. >> the obama's administration is pushing back against a british newspaper report that the state department and credible information about the attack 48 hours before it happened. >> the story is absolutely wrong. we were not aware of any actionable intelligence indicating that an attack on the u.s. mission was planned or imminent. >> violent demonstrations against the anti his lawn film spread across the moslem world friday. protesters breached the grounds of the u.s. embassy it indonesia and sudan, which they agree mom's ripping down th
bill: the men's championship of the u.s. open. those of you expecting to see cbs' prime-time lineup, we're going to stay with this match until its conclusion and the cbs prime-time lineup will follow at the conclusion of this match. joke vinck -- djokovic serving for 4-2. bill: a physical game. john: physical, mental, you name it. it had pretty much everything. djokovic again the more willing of the two to move forward and that helped him hold on and keep that break. bill: the numbers again -- throw those out the window. john: these guys are playing well right now. it's an incredible u.s. open final that looks like going to a fifth set. bill: we've had 29 break points total. john: that we would have expected anyway. these are the two best returners in the game. the serve for djokovic has been hugely improved these last two sets. [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their
after attacking a police force. >> another day of sunshine with temperatures well into the 80s. we will keep the sunshine but there is a forecast change coming. find out what it is in about 10 minutes >> flames shooting out of a south bay,,,,,,,, >> two people trapped in a burning san jose apartment building apparently escaped by jumping from an upstairs window. the fire broke out overnight at a complex off of lewis wrote. the man who shot the video said is paralyzed neighbor also had to be rescued >> a farm and carried him down the stairs really quick and then we ran back upstairs with fierstein wishers to break the windows and we realize there were still two people in there. >> the fire displaced more than one dozen people, no word yet on how it started. a fight to save charlie the dog is under way, he was ordered to be put down after a severe attack on a police force. now his owner has won a small victory. >> this is a story about a dog, a horse, and the internet. animal lovers and the police and how they have all come together at san francisco's animal care and control. this is
-old girl was killed after being hit head-ona vehicle yesterdayafteo. police say s was wng against traffic wearing a helmet. thcoroner's office identified her as haleyatliff, she and her fy moved here two weekso. >> beautiful, ling, outgoing, and herell. mas she drove right in the coming to school >> haley was a school at sinaloa middle school. staff brought in grief counselors toelpeal stu th tra. parents tell ushat kidsre gh t q >> they why does that happen to somne so innocent and so yawn? >> police say the driver of the s-u-v was visiting from out of state and is cooperating >> there are no signs of impairment at this point orny laws that wereiolated the we options and make sure how we have how this occurred >> it has been a point of contention. neighbors complained that th needs better warning signs.nd >> the pain is deep and it will be deep for ourommunity but what we want to express most is the family and for her friends >> one parent tells me they're planning a candlelight vigil for cayley tonight and the principal says tt griefelorounswill be here all next week to help studentser
in tonight. we go from the 90's to the '60s in pretty quick order. beautiful at the bay bridge with blue sky. livermore, 94 degrees compared with san francisco at 64 degrees. san jose 67 and conquered 92. cloudy at the coast as you have been for much of the day today. 59 degrees today, a beautiful evening in the bay. fire up the bar-b-que, 84 degrees in wind. the satellite review shows do not much is going on. the marine layer is thin and will likely stay at the coast but there is tropical moisture to the south that will fire up some moisture in our direction which will translate to cloud cover. you'll notice in increase wednesday or thursday and you can see that played out in future cast. much of the moisture staying at the coastline for the next couple of days but tuesday afternoon we will begin to see an increase in clouds and probably a pretty big change on thursday. fog will likely stay at the coast migrating inland this evening and you wake up to cloud cover in the bay as well. tomorrow, 90s in the inland locations. temperatures for tomorrow, santa clara topping out at 87. union city a
a disappointing unemployment report. the dow closed at 13,307. nasdaq and s&p 500 also saw slight gains. the unemployment rate dropped last month but mostly because people gave up looking for a job. alexis christoforous breaks down the numbers. >> u.s. employers added 96,000 jobs in august, 30,000 fewer than expected. the unemployment rate dropped from 8.3%-8.1% but analysts say that is because more people stop looking for work. the number of people have jobs or were actively searching drop to the lowest level since 1981. the stock market which rallied on thursday lost some enthusiasm. traders believe the weak jobs report will motivate the federal reserve to take steps to jump- start the economy. >> the mandate is the employment rate and with it falling to 8.1 percent is still a dismal number >> many americans are avoiding the competitive job market and staying in school or going back for higher degrees. anthony attended a jobs fair in washington d.c. looking for work as a civil engineer while fisher finishing up graduate school >> there are some opportunities but they're more looking f
of suspects described only as african- american men in their 20s- forties. grief counselors say that for every 100 sexual assaults, 10 percent are reported. christina heads the latino outreach arm of bay area women against rape and she says it is no i believe the perpetrator is fully aware that these people are afraid to come forward to make reports to the police >> police are worried that strategy may be working. one victim has come forward but others remained tight-lipped for fear of of their story getting them deported >> them coming forward and can prevent this from happening to someone else >> the bay area rape hot line is 510845 rate. >> in campaign 2012 the party is over at tampa. mitt romney is hitting the campaign trail hard as the official republican presidential nominee. president obama is on his way to north carolina for the democratic national convention. >> with his wife by his side mitt romney thank his supporters at the tampa airport >> florida gave me the votes i needed to become the nominee >> he asked them to recruit disillusioned obama supporters to the rahm ticket >> we wa
a field poll today so how could our survey u.s. pole on the same proposition yield a much lower number but show the same trend? it is all about the wording >> depending on how the results are reported you can get wildly different results >> that includes proposition 30. the governor says a yes vote is critical to fund education. it would raise $6 billion for the state by raising sales tax a quarter% and boosting income tax on those making more than $250,000. it looks like proposition 30 has a lot of support. it shows 51 percent of registered voters would vote yes on proposition 30 but in a survey u.s. 0 a poll from one week ago the number of supporters was much lower at 34%. some polling experts say that even though the numbers look vastly different, they're actually delivering the same message >> they're all in the same ball park, is very close. there are a large number of people who are still willing to be persuaded. >> the reason, the questions are asked differently. in the field poll with much higher percentage of yes, it passed would you vote yes or no for proposition 30? in the o
, reprehensible. that does not provide justification for violence. >> she also appears in and u.s. government advertisement appearing up to 10 times per day on pakistan atv >> the u.s. government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. >> in india, students shouted death to america and set the is the american flag on fire. in bangladesh protesters took to the streets after prayers. they burned a box that was supposed to be the president's coffin. protesters also burned an american flag in afghanistan and thousands took part in a massive demonstration in iraq. muslims called the 14 minute movie trailer an attack on their religion and they're bound to protest. >> the great soda pop exchange happening in the bay area >> mobile 5 is live as the iphone five hits the,, >> mobile 5 and iphone 5, live at union square as the winds continue to grow. iphone enthusiasts anxious to get their hands on the new product. today, the first day it could be purchased anywhere in the world so we were there this morning when the doors opened. fans actually helped employees countdown. for those who had been wa
officer young's from and how you could help his family at cbs s f dot com will have more video of the special to be a at the c h p academy on long >>> the coast guard john's the hon firm and possibly abducted from a bay area the getaway vehicle a 40 ft. sailboat and unleashed seeing here stolen tuesday evening. from alameda. lassie yesterday near vallejo >>> the suspicion he was trying to leave the country we have heard thailand or mexico is just speculation at this point. right now not enough information for the coast guard to launch a search if you see the bogus the unleashed call 9 1 1. >>> his campaign 2012 and president but obama and vice- president joe biden will accept their nominations tonight. randall pinkston in charlotte north carolina with more on the final night of the democratic national convention. >>> we will hear from joe biden this week to take care of that tonight the president obama will talk about taxes we've seen an excerpt he said voters face a clear choice for a fundamentally different vision where america should go. final day of the democratic conventio
vehicles and tires on fire. demonstrators tried to make their way towards the u.s. embassy but were turned away by security personnel. the film at the center of the outrage is believed to be the work of a coptic christian. today in southern california, members of that religious groups join muslims to denounce the religious group and violence >> we strongly condemn any and all violent action and a loss of innocent life >> the film maker who lives in southern california is staying out of sight. more on the protests coming up on the evening news. >> republican presidential rut nominee mitt romney made a fresh appeal to latino voters at the hispanic chamber of commerce in l.a. >> i want to structure a temporary worker visa program so that these meet the needs of employers and by the way, if someone gets an advanced degree i want them to stay here so i would staple a green card to their diploma >> president obama told voters he is fighting back against chinese auto subsidies >> these directly harm working men and women on the assembly lines in ohio and michigan and across the midwest. it is not
the bay bridge oakland only 68 san francisco 59, santa rosa 78, low 80's for concord and livermore. a not warm september. only 75 are warmest temperature in san francisco. in oakland only got up to 77. later on this week we will beat all three of those temperatures as forget and off shore when it will feel more like summer. a lot of clouds at the coast line through the golden gate it will push inland. will start cloudy near the bay. for thursday this will develop low pressure to the south and high pressure to the north, that gives us an east wind or offshore wind that worms as out. also adds to fire danger. morning cloud and afternoon sunshine tomorrow and wednesday thursday we flip things around will be sunny and very warm, if you like warm weather you'll be warm by the end of the week. for tomorrow at sfo five degrees below average, 78 san jose, campbell 81, walnut creek 84, concord 83, pittsburgh 78, petaluma 74, 72 in san leandro, for thursday 90s widespread inland. approaching 80 near the bay. the coast will make it to the '70s. we just shift the winds a little bit. >>> mother
, a couple of thunderstorms are possible with temperatures cooling down to the '70s. the moisture is coming up from the tropics, the remnants of tropical storm john. it is cloudy from chico all the way south to san diego. that is rare for this time in september. with a slight but still under storm chance, the red flag warning continues but watch what happens tomorrow. by tomorrow morning into the afternoon we begin to clear things out. scattered showers tonight, slight chance of a thunderstorm from now through lunchtime tomorrow. a high of 80 tomorrow for campbell. 89 in brentwood, conquered 84. mid-60's in san francisco. an offshore wind might develop, clearing out the coast with highs in the upper 60s. roberta is live in pleasanton keeping one eye to the fun and the other to the sky >> would have mostly cloudy skies in pleasanton with a little bit of debris is out of the west shaking up the leaves on the elm trees. currently 82 degrees in pleasanton and every wednesday, the first wednesday of the month, closed down beautiful main street and about 25,000 people come out to party. we will e
with herself on carrier. she has an unlimited prepaid plan with metro p c s that costs $56 per month, half of what she paid for at&t or sprint >> is something that a lot of people don't know exist >> cnet says the big carriers do not go out of their way to tell you about the prepaid plans because they're less profitable. >> they have a guaranteed sum of money they will get every single month >> and smaller companies like metro p c s and straight talk do not do a lot of advertising repaid or month-to-month plans can pay off if you are an individual user who does not use that kind of data >> sometimes they can work out to be cheaper for some people but there is a lot of math involved >> prepaid customers now have more telephone options as well. several companies are even offering pay-as-you-go plans for iphone. one downside to appeared prepaying is you need to buy your own phone. for example, on your own and iphone could cost $650 compared to $200 with a contract so it could take one year or more to realize any savings. >> there is no one size fits all, you need to educate yourself >> it has
to the movies. it is kind of chilly out there. >> high temperatures for many people have been kept in the '60s. even the inland locations like walnut creek, only 78. a lot of blue skies and sunshine. san jose is the most below normal at 68 when you should be at 82. 17 of the first 18 days of september have been cooler than normal. the giants and the rockies, the magic number is down to eight. the first pitch temperature only 59 degrees. the fog burned off about one hour earlier than yesterday. everybody is sunny, even at the coast right now. the onshore flow is still strong. low pressure off the oregon coast line but as long as it stays where it is, it will keep us relatively chilly. you get sunshine but you also be anywhere from 5-10 degrees cooler than normal. we will stay chile through thursday but milder weather moves in for friday and saturday as the onshore flow weekend. san jose is only 72. los '70s for sunnyvale, cupertino, mountain view. your high for mill valley, daly city only 60. cool but sunny for the next several days. saturday will be warm but the low pressure moves back closer.
, of mill valley 72. look at the heat that is coming. after friday's, '90s inland. close to 100 on saturday sunday and monday and also highs in the upper seventies to low 80s near the bay. with the temperature's increasing the fire danger will also increase and for more on that we turn to roberta gonzales from livermore >> i'm walking gingerly in the foothills because it is still rattlesnake season but i wanted to come out here so you could take a look at this, 5,000 a. surround the lake and what you see? nothing but golden hills. if you take a closer look, it is extremely dry and these conditions are similar to conditions in 1992 when we had the great oakland fire. coming up at 6:00 we will be speaking with a fire captain right here who will be telling us the combination of dry conditions and high temperatures, what it means for us and what we need to know to prevent fires. that is all coming up tonight at 6:00. >> we will not see the strong gusty wind but as the temperature goes up the fire danger goes up as well >> a lot of people are trying to save money. what is the cheapest and which
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